Do it once. Do it right!


 Do it once. Do it right !

Leaks in your roof and general roof issues need to be remedied quickly to avoid further damage and cost.  In the first instance it is good to maintain your roof to avoid expensive repair in the future. But if a repair is necessary contact Kitto Roofing to discuss the best option.

We offer new roofs and re-roofing solutions. We will give you our honest professional opinion about the condition of your roof and options to either repair or replace.

From asphalt shingles to concrete tile and long run roofs, the Kitto Roofing team will ensure your roof repairs and roof maintenance are expertly completed.

Roof Assessment, Roof leaks, Replace concrete roof tiles, Cracked and broken mortar, Rusted metal roofing, Roof restoration, Roof Replacement, Spraying and Coatings


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